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Eid ACTION 2015 yr.- English


Eid ACTION 2015 yr.- English


EL IMAN guarantees:

1.    The slaughter and distribution according to Islamic guidelines.

2.    A confirmation e-mail that your Kurban was geschächtet according to Islamic standards.

3.    The slaughter until the fourth day of Eid (24 September 2015).


Quality not Quantity

“EL-IMAN” works carefully and helps directly—also for Qurban. This guarantees you that your donations reach the needy. And in this way, your donations become your aid:


“Your Qurban Helps”

“EL-IMAN” carries out aid projects in many places – also for Qurban. Donations such as yours provide beneficiaries with meat for this occasion. This is the way your help reaches the needy. In the last Qurban alone, over 10,000 people in many countries could be provided for by the donations received.


Ritual Slaughter and Distribution According to Muslim Standards

We offer you our complete support to complete Allah’s commandment for Qurban. We can thereby guarantee you a lawful, Islamic ritual slaughter of your Qurban as well a lawful and immediate distribution to those in need. For we are at the scene during the ritual slaughter.


And our partners personally confirm the distribution of meat to people who suffer from extreme poverty, such as orphans, widows and refugees.

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